5 offbeat places in Uttarakhand to beat Overtourism

Let’s face it, Hill stations are no more a place where we find peace and tranquility and relaxing at the shore of a beach is not so relaxing anymore.

Tickets are not available, hotel prices are skyrocketing, taxi owners are asking for insane prices. Food is no more affordable.

And why all this happening?

It’s because of the places we adore so much is accommodating far more tourists than optimal.

Mass-tourism is at its peak and people are living in FOMO when it comes to traveling.

Vasudhara Falls Trek
Vasudhara Falls Trek

Enticing social media traveling pictures is making us believe that if we are not traveling then we are missing something in life.

Which resulting in Overtourism.

There are several other facets also such as very hot weather, pollution, and over-population in nearby cities which eventually leads to Overtourism.

But now the question is, is it really worth spending money on traveling when almost all the famous places are over-crowded?

The answer is yes!

Kedarkantha trek best winter trek in India
Kedarkantha Trek

But we desperately need to change our definition of traveling.

We need to look beyond the sightseeing and must-visit places of a particular place.

We need to find places which are far less crowded but at the same time, It must offer you what you went there looking, relaxation, adventure, peace, serenity whatever.

So here are the 5 such offbeat places in Uttarakhand also known as Devbhoomi (Land of the Gods) which will make you flabbergasted with its pristine landscapes and tranquility.


The moment you will search for the best offbeat places to visit in Uttarakhand, Chopta will be there on the list for sure.

It definitely has all the reasons to be included.

Chandrashila Peak
Photo From Unplash

This small village in Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary is blessed with lush green meadows & forests and surrounded by breathtaking mighty Himalaya from all the four corners.

What does this place offer?

This place is quite famous for Tungnath temple and Chandrashila peak trek.

Tungnath temple is the highest lord shiva temple in the world situated at the altitude of 12,073 ft.

And devotees of Lord Shiva from all over the world reach Chopta and trek to this beautiful temple and Chandrashila peak.

Tungnath Temple
Photo From Unsplash

How to reach Chopta?

To reach Chopta, you have to first reach Rishikesh and from there, you will find roadways buses running towards Rudraprayag and Ukhimath.

Chopta is at a distance of 29 km from Ukhimath.

Usually shared cabs don’t run between Ukhimath and Chopta. But if you are lucky then you might find a cab going towards there and ask them to drop you.

When I visited this place, I spent 900 INR for Ukhimath to Chopta but while returning I found a shared cab and only spent 100 INR.

Mana – The last village of India

Vasudhara Falls Trek Mana Village
Vasudhara Falls Trek Mana Village

Mana is another gem of a place when it comes to offering a great experience but at the same time, the crowd is far far less as compared to other places in Uttarakhand.

How to reach mana?

Mana is situated at a distance of 3km from Badrinath Dham ( one of the Char Dham yatra).

And Badrinath is well connected from popular cities of Uttarakhand such as Rishikesh or Haridwar.

What does this place offer?

This place is famous for Vyas Gufa, where Lord Ganesha narrated the story of Mahabharat and maharishi Vyas composed that as an epic tale.

Mana is also famous because it is the last village of India and after that Tibet territory gets started.

The distance between Mana and the Tibet border is 26 km.

But the icing on the cake was a trek called Vasudhara waterfall trek which starts from this village.

Trust me it was one of the best treks I have been to.

And surprisingly, there were only a handful of people on the trail.

Vashdhara Falls Trek
Vashdhara Falls Trek

I visited this place after trekking to Valley of flowers and trust me I found Vasudhara waterfall trek much more serene and breathtaking than the valley of flowers.

Auli – the ski destination of India

Auli is another breathtaking destination to have a perfect vacation in the lap of Himalaya.

This place gets cover with sparkling white snow in winters and becomes the ski destination of India.

How to reach Auli?

To reach Auli, one can catch the bus to Badrinath from Rishikesh or Haridwar and get down at Joshimath.

And from Joshimath, Auli is at a distance of approx 15 km. You have to hire a personal taxi to reach this place. You can also get a shared one depending on the luck.

Things to do in Auli

Auli is famous for having a great time in the mountains but with fewer crowds.

You can do some skiing, visit some viewpoints, have a glimpse of mighty Trishul peak and at last sit back and spend some leisure time.

Visit this place in winters and you will realize that, why Switzerland is overrated?

Auli Uttarakhand
Photo From Unsplash

Valley of Flowers And Hemkund Sahib

Visiting Valley of flowers and Hemkud sahib was on my wishlist for a long time.

But I decided not to postpone it further and finally cut this off from my bucket list.

Whenever you will search offbeat and must-visit places in Uttarakhand on Google, Valley of flowers is bound to be included.

Valley Of Flowers
Valley Of Flowers

Best time to visit this place

Make sure you visit this place between mid-July to mid-August to get the most out of it.

I visited this place in the first week of September and missed the actual charm this place offers ( as per locals there).

But you can visit Hemkund sahib anytime between May to October.

Hemkund Sahib
Hemkund Sahib

How to reach this place?

To visit this place, you have to follow the same route as Badrinath but have to get down at Govindghat. And from there you have to climb 14 km to reach Ghangharia.

And from there, The valley of flowers is 4 km and Hemkund Sahib is 6 km.

What does this place offer?

Valley of flowers is basically a national park in which 300 different types of flowers blossom.

On the way, you also get to see waterfalls and river streams.

This place will definitely give you a spellbinding experience.

On the other hand, Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh pilgrimage, where the Sikh community from all over the world visit this place and seek the blessings.


Sankri is another great option to have an offbeat experience of the places in Uttarakhand.

This small village is located inside the Govind wildlife sanctuary in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand.

Kedarkantha Trek Sankri
Kedarkantha Trek Sankri

How to reach Sankri?

The distance of Sankri from Dehradun is around 200 km. And one can easily reach this place by hiring a cab or bus.

To reach via bus, you have to reach Dehradun early and catch the morning bus otherwise the cab will be the only option you will have then.

To reach Sankri from Dehradun, you have to cross Mussoorie, Purola and, Mori.

What does this place offer?

This village is the starting point of many must-do treks in Uttrakhand such as KedarKantha Trek and Har ki Dun valley trek.

Kedarkantha Trek
Kedarkantha Trek

But you can also visit Sankri Zipline Ride, Someshwar Mahadev temple, Netwar village, Taluka Village.

I visited this place in winter as I was going to Kedarkantha trek and found it a perfect picturesque hamlet in Himalaya.


These were the few offbeat and unknown tourist places in Uttarakhand I have found fascinating to share.

I myself have visited all these places and found it extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

I know, to visit these places you have to travel a good amount of time in the mountains which are tiring as well as inconvenient.

But yes, this is how it works, to get something you have to chip in something first.

Smiling at Nag Tibba
Smiling at Nag Tibba

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Offbeat Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

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