What you can expect from the Andaman Nicobar trip?

India is a place where you will find all sorts of traveling places like mammoth mountains to pristine beaches to elegant forts to extended deserts.

Andaman Nicobar trip

Spellbindingly, even if two places come under the same category, they offer a completely different experience. It’s because India is a very vast and diverse country and every particular place has its own community, cuisines, and glamour.

For instance, Goa and Andaman Nicobar are both famous for their beaches but still, they offer quite different vibes to visitors.

If we talk about Goa, Except for a few of the selected beaches of south goa, beaches there are usually flooded with people, and at night, you will find tourists hopping around clubs and bars.

Andaman and Nicobar Island is a bit different.

First off, reaching Andaman is not easy as compared to other beach cities of India. Andaman itself comprises more than 300 small islands. And Port Blair is the only city where you can fly out. Rest of the places you have to travel via cruise. 

Unlike most of the beach cities where you would find a plethora of bars, clubs, and late-night party places. Andaman is a place where peace takes over you even if you are not looking for it.

Since every place you would visit on your Andaman Nicobar trip will be a different island. There is nothing more you can do, except having a bath or swim in the ocean, sitting beside the shore, or roaming in the vicinity which itself will be peaceful as you will find only restaurants and cafes there.

Water sports and activities are not substandard unlike most of the places in India unless you decide to go with a terrible tour operator. 

I did see people doing kayaking at many places in India, but it’s only in Andaman I heard that you can even do kayaking at night, which seemed pretty one of its kind and I did end up trying that which expectedly turned out one hell great of an experience.

I had only heard of bioluminescence before the Andaman Nicobar trip. But while doing night kayaking, you can actually see the glowing bioluminescence everywhere in water if moving your hand in the opposite direction of the flow.

You will get to see mangroves trees almost everywhere which is the case with almost all the islands. But the funniest part is the guides there actually show these trees as a tourist attraction to tourists.

Andaman has many islands that are inaccessible to visitors. One particular Island called “North Sentinel Island” is quite famous as indigenous people living there don’t want any sort of interference from the people outside. And there have been cases, where they have attacked people approaching them.

The government of India somehow save them from extinction by offering the extremely essential commodities, while keeping a fairly safe distance.

Since Andaman is an island, surrounded by islands. Coconut water is something you will get in plenty and comparatively cheaper than in cities. So, while in Andaman, forget all the sugary and unhealthy drinks and quench your thirst with one of the purest and healthiest beverages out there on the planet.

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