China Peak Trek -  An Underrated must-visit trail in Nainital

I had just stepped out of a bus from Delhi and was standing right in the middle of the famous mall road of Nainital, beholding the gorgeous mammoth lake in front me and wondering what to do and where to go?

Nainital Lake
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It was my first solo trip and surprisingly had this audacity to explore a place absolutely on my own without doing or even considering any prior booking. I was not even aware of which places I ought to visit in Nainital. I was meticulously into exploring and discovering the true essence of a place and traveling as a whole.

Upon asking locals, I was introduced to some dozen places that I can explore in the proximity. But the place which intrigued me the most was a trek called China peak or also fondly called, Naini peak. 

China Peak Nainital
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I immediately pushed all the activities aside and decided to set out on this adrenaline-filled trekking expedition. We shouldn’t basically call it an expedition as you barely need any trekking equipment and takes around only 4 hours to reach the top.

But this place surely gives you an enriching summit experience. I mean, what do we usually expect from a summit? A splendid landscape where we can get to see the entire region in birds-eye view. A quiet-laid-back place where we can sit back and introspect life and transcend the trivial problems we usually crib about.

This place has it all.

The total distance of the China peak trek is around 6 km from Nainital but the first 3 km can be covered by a vehicle. The rest 3 km, you have to ascend on foot. There is no shop in between the trail or at the top so better purchase or keep things like eateries and drinking water handy beforehand.

China peak trail
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The timing window is from 9 am to 5 pm to climb and the highest altitude of this place is around 8500 ft. The peak was renamed from China peak to Naini peak after the Indo-China 1962 war. From the top, Nanda Devi peak and the mountains on the Tibet border can be viewed.

Don’t expect too many people on this trek as when I was ascending, I was all alone. Even though being alone doesn’t dread me much but there was a time when I was surrounded by 10 monkeys and was on the verge of getting snatched or slapped but then they showed some mercy and let me pass by.

The trail is very well built and is also not very steep except for the last few hundred meters where you have to be extra cautious. The top view of china peak is utterly appealing as you get to see the entire Nainital including the humongous lake in a single frame. 

China peak Trek Nainital
Photo From Unsplash

The cold-tender breeze flowing from all sides and lush green view everywhere will entice you to prolong the duration of your stay at the top but since this place doesn’t have any accommodation or camping options so you have no option other than descending adhering to the timing window i.e 9 am to 5 pm.

Descending a trek is fun. First off, it takes much lesser effort than ascending but at the same time, the reward is the same. 

Moving your feet frictionlessly in a 30-degree downward slope, utterly satiated and ecstatic from the peak view and unadulterated nature in the vicinity, cold breeze, and lush green all around and an earphone plugged in playing your favorite tracks.

I was completely elated. Even though in a matter of an hour I was into the city and walking beside the city of lakes, Nainital. But it was worth it. It was worth every single second I spend and every step I took to reach this not so crowded spectacular trek.

Nainital Uttarakhand
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