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Trek to majestic dzukou valley in Nagaland

Sometimes to witness something splendid you have to go through an exhausting and atypical journey. And trek to dzukou valley is a perfect example of that.

Unless and until you live in Nagaland or its neighboring states, traveling and ascending there will entail time, effort, and patience, primarily because of the location and connectivity. But in the end, it will all be worth it. You will get to experience something which is not typical and mainstream.

dzukou valley trek
dzukou valley trek

Located at the borders of Nagaland and Manipur in the Northeastern side of India, dzukou valley trek is something every mountaineering enthusiast ought to experience. Extremely rich in flora and fauna and laden with seasonal flowers and plants, this valley looks picture-perfect. You just cannot stop yourself from beholding the long-stretched landscape.

How to reach there?

First, you have to reach Kohima which is the capital of Nagaland. The nearest airport and railway station is in Dimapur and from there 3 hours ride in the cab.

20 km from Kohima, there is a place called Zakhama which is the starting point of the trek.

dzukou valley

What you should know beforehand?

The total trek distance is around 10 km which will take anywhere around 5-6 hours to complete depending on the individual. The trail is quite steep so better keep the backpack light and spirit high. You won’t be finding any shops in between the trail so you have to purchase any essential items you might need beforehand.

As far as accommodation is concerned, there are one or two guest houses at the top of the valley which will provide basic food to fill your stomach and just enough space to sleep. They also charge 100 INR/person as an entry fee to the valley plus the cost of any services you will avail.

Trek in Nagaland

You can do this trek without any local guide also but considering this trail is not well built and passes through thick forests, you should not be alone and better be a little cautious and pay good attention to any trail signs or ask someone in case you are uncertain.

At the top and specifically during the night, the temperature will plummet and it will be freakingly cold, so better keep the warm clothes handy.

dzukou valley during night

Good trekking shoes are a must preferably along with a trekking pole and a torch considering the trail is steep and shabby.

Since the trek has a considerable distance and is also challenging, you must start the trek as early as possible. I had made a mistake there. Even though almost all the locals there advised me against it, I started out at 2 pm in the afternoon. Even after being a seasoned trekker, It took me more than 5 hours to climb because I was carrying a backpack of almost 8 kg ( the second mistake), and it got really dark without having anyone in the proximity. Thankfully we were three people and somehow we reached the guest house by 8 pm with the help of mobile flashlights.

But trust me, it’s not cool to hike in unfamiliar territories after sundown. There is always a risk associated. Besides Nagaland being the easternmost region of India, the sunset takes place there at or before 5 pm almost throughout the year.

dzukou valley trek

Once you would reach the top, seemingly you won’t be able to decide which side of the valley to behold first and longer. This valley looks extremely magnificent and heavenly.

Trek in northeast India

You can trek inside the valley too for like 20-25 km which will require a dedicated day in itself. I could only trek till halfway due to the scarcity of time but I would certainly suggest someone visiting dzukou valley to have a spare day just for exploring the valley.

There are small villages around the valley which you can clearly see and distinguish from the topmost point.

The dzukou valley trek will undoubtedly surge your adrenaline rush and leave you awestruck with its majesticity. As an intrepid traveler, you will surely experience something remarkable. And that is what we all as travelers constantly seek and go after.

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