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How To Find Your Blogging Motivation When Nothing Is Going Right

Blogging is rewarding and fun, you might have heard plenty of times from fellow successful bloggers.

And they are not wrong, definitely, it is.

But they tell you only half of the story.

A journey to building a successful blog is not that cakewalk.

Dream Big
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There will be a time when all your friends will be clubbing and partying out on the weekends but you will be sticking your ass on to the chair and working on your blog.

There will be times when you won’t feel like doing anything but since you have weekly goals for your blog and gotta achieve it no matter what.

And even after doing all this and sacrificing so much of your personal time, it is not necessary that rewards will start pouring in instantly.

It might take months or in some cases years when you will start yielding the fruits of your labor.

Since you picked up blogging, you might have already researched enough and be aware of all this.

But as a human, we have this tendency of getting overwhelmed with our emotions quite often.

And a lack of blogging motivation is one of the most frequent and common issues, bloggers often face.

And trust me, you are not the only one who is stumbling upon this situation.

Every blogger out there no matter how successful they are now, went through this.

You, me, or any impeccable blogger you know on the web.

It’s just that, the one you know as successful now, hold on to their long term vision.

Dream Big
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Apprehensively, almost more than 90% of bloggers don’t stick through thick and thin of blogging.

So, if by any chance you have stumbled upon this blog post and looking for the answer of how do bloggers stay motivated?

Then I will tell you how can you overcome this temporary feeling and find the much-needed blogging motivation.

Remember the why?

When you were starting out blogging, there was a goal or purpose in the back of your head, right?

go and get it
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The goal might be anything such as, having a side income or replacing your main job or helping people out on the web with your expertise or to improve your writing and marketing skills or just maybe a hobby.

I started this blog to generate a passive income, improve my writing skills and helping people out on their WordPressBlogging, and SEO queries.

And whenever a temporary emotion of, quit blogging takes a toll over me, I flip through blogging goals that I have set for myself. And trust me each and every time I get the zeal of writing and promoting another blog post, back.

Now it’s high time for you too to ponder over those goals again and bring those lightning energy back within you.

Pat on your back

Sometimes, the best motivation is counting and appreciating yourself for all the hard work you did and reminding yourself, from where you started? and how far have you come?

never give up
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So my friend, pat on your back for all the hard work you have done or doing to make this blog, grand access.

I know there are miles to go and you are not even able to yield the fruit of your labor as of now.

And on top of that, you are losing this blogging motivation and not sure whether you will continue or not?

I won’t say, never give uphave the patience or show perseverance.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to continue or not.

But this doesn’t change that you have done so much hard work and sacrificed so much of indulgence for the sake of this blog.

This thing must be appreciated and you truly deserve a pat on your back.

Introspect your blogging strategy

The best motivation is the reward.

If you are doing something by involving yourself meticulously and getting the expected reward then there is no point of demotivation.

So one of the most important reasons for you to not having, blogging motivation might be, you are not getting the much-deserved reward of your work.

And there might be several reasons for this.

Your content might be exceptionally well but at the same time your marketing sucks or another way around.

follow your dreams
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Or you don’t have expertise over the niche you are blogging about.

Whatever the reason, you need to do serious introspection and get brutally honest feedback from your acquaintances or readers.

And finally, do minor or major tweaks in your blogging strategy.

Stalk successful bloggers

Yes, it might sound like a creep but actually works.

If nothing is going right, then move your head to left and stalk a few of the successful bloggers in your niche.

And see, what are they doing which you ain’t?

If their content is not at par and you are writing much better content that they ever will be. So it’s high time you look carefully into your marketing strategy.

If your own content sucks, better do what is required to improve upon the quality.

But at the same time, also adore and get inspiration from them that they too just started like you but with their hard work and constant urge to improve themselves, they are now sitting at the top and illuminating the hope for so many amateur bloggers out there.

work harder
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Read your blog comments

Reading the blogging comments will definitely spark your blogging motivation instantly.

No matter how many comments are there, but always make this habit of reading and replying to them without fail.

Rome was not built in a day, neither would your blog fan-base.

And to tell you one thing, not all who comments liked your blog post. some spam the comment section and others comment just because they need a backlink to their site.

So better, scrutinize and know the intention of the comment.

Why so serious?

Yes, I know you gotta accomplish your blogging goals and have to monetize your blog no matter what.

But do you really think, by stressing yourself and thinking about it day in day out? You would be able to do it?

As far as I think, you won’t.

smile often
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Forget about blogging, even life is uncertain.

No matter how much effort you have put in and how much quality you have maintained?

Still, the 100% control on the results won’t be possible.

You might still face setbacks and disappointments.

There are bloggers who tasted success, on their 14th blog. Yes, after failing 13 times, they again stood up and tried.

So better chill out, keep the results aside, and just blog for the love of blogging.

Take a break and travel

“If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit” -Banksy

We all feel exhausted sometimes, no matter in which profession we are in.

And not all the time we can give up, right?

So if you are really burned out, blogging then please take a break and travel for a few days.

It will suck up all your fatigue and pessimism and you will come out as much energetic and optimistic being.

This is what I do most of the time or all the time to be precise.

Travel to live
A still from Hampi

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