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It’s time to ditch keyword density and focus on LSI keywords

Gone are the days when including your target keywords here and there in your content ensured you a good ranking on search engines.

Things have been changed upside down when Google rolled out the Panda update in 2011. It changed the way search engines used to rank web pages altogether.

Search engines algorithm is much smarter now and keyword density is no more a good option to rely upon.

Now Google tries to understand the context and meaning of a web page instead of just matching how many times keywords have been used.

Now if anyone who wants to keep ranking top on Google result page, relying only on good meta description, keyword targetting, long-form content and good anchor text is no longer enough.

One needs to evolve with the ever-evolving search engine ranking algorithm.

So let’s dive right into another important facet of search engine ranking, LSI keywords.

What is the full form of LSI?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

What do LSI keywords mean?

It is basically a mathematical way of predicting the cluster of words and deriving a context out of it.

For example, you wrote a fantastic blog post about the history of Apple computers.

But how would search engines distinguish whether your blog post is about the Apple fruit or Apple computers?

But since our all-time favorite, Google is very much wise now, so it will scan the whole web page and look for the other related keywords.

If it finds the occurrences of words like Steve Jobscomputertechnologyprogramming then this page must be about Apple computers but if by any chance it finds the words like fruitvitaminnutritionhealth then this page must be about Apple fruit.

LSI keywords example of Apple computer
LSI keywords example of Apple fruit

To understand these keywords even better I too performed few searches on Google.

For instance, I searched vacation on google then stumbled upon few LSI keywords related to that search such as “flight”, “family”, “friends”, “hotels”, “tour packages”.

LSI keywords example of vacation

Please note that LSI keywords are not synonyms. For instance, LSI keywords for vacation won’t be holiday. Rather it would be something directly or indirectly related to that such as “cheapest”, “Best”, “Cruise”, “luggage” etc.

Why LSI keywords are important?

Let’s understand this with another Lsi Keyword example,

Suppose you wrote another blog post about python programming language and your target keyword was python.

But again how would the search engine know whether that post is about python language or python snake?

And It’s quite important for search engines to know this detail in order to serve you and the person who performed the search, better.

And also you don’t want your page to show up if someone searches about python snake right?

Because that will be of no use for you and the searcher.

So again to simplify this ambiguity, Google will scan your whole webpage and look for LSI keywords.

If it would find snakevenomforestreptile then it would conclude that your post is about python snake but if it would find computerlogicsyntax then your post is about python programming.

LSI keywords example of python

How to Find LSI Keywords?

Luckily there several ways to find these keywords.

And first being the most famous and simplest of all,

Google Autocomplete

The best thing about Google is its ability to predict things. Sometimes it’s damn funny tough.

But the moment you type a word in Google query box, you will get tons of recommendations regarding that particular word or topic.

Google autocomplete

That’s your best bet of finding LSI words.

If it’s appearing in the search engines, then people must be asking about it. And incorporating those words will definitely boost up your SEO efforts.

LSI keywords in Google Auto complete

Search Related To

Have you ever searched something on Google and scrolled all the way down to find search related to section.

Search related to section in Google

I bet you have done it.

But this time look at it carefully and you will see tons of different keywords related to what you have searched in the query box.

LSI keywords in search related to

LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a free tool that you can use to get LSI keywords and then use them effectively in your content.

LSI Graph, a LSI keyword tool

In addition to this, it also gives you other important pieces of information such as trend, search volume, competition, cost per click and link of the articles which are performing best for these keywords.

LSI graph result

LSI Keywords.Com

A very good alternative to the LSI graph is LSIKeywords.Com., alternative of LSI graph

You can enter up to 10 keywords at a time and this tool will give all the important pieces of information such as LSI keywords, cost per click, Monthly search volume and competition.

using LSIKeywords.Com
LSIKeywords.Com result page

You can also export these results in CSV, Excel or PDF format.

export from LSIKeywords.Com


I get super-excited when I find some tool which can make my blogging work easier.

And one day I stumbled upon such an online tool called Soovle.

LSI keywords in soovle

It’s UI is out of the box. And when it comes to usefulness, this LSI keywords tool is one of the best if you want to know which set of words people are searching on various search engines.

Yes, you heard it right?

Keywords it suggests is not only limited to Google. It also suggests what people are searching on Amazon, Wikipedia, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, and

soovle , a LSI keyword tool

Google Keyword Planner

If you are into blogging and know two cents of SEO (search engine optimization) then Google keyword planner must be a familiar name to you.

Google keyword planner

It is one of the most used keyword research tools out there. The reason being, it is a Google product so information ought to be correct and on top of that, it completely free.

finding keywords in google keyword planner
google keyword planner result page


Ubersuggest is one of those tools which you must use if you don’t want to spend any money but still want to reap the benefits of various SEO analysis.

Ubersuggest home page

It gives you many insights that will help you in deciding whether you should go with the keyword or discard it.

Ubersuggest SEO analysis

And it will also help you in finding LSI keywords to target.

Ubersuggest result page

People Also Ask in Google

People also ask section on Google result page is another great option to leverage the valuable information Google provides to its users.

LSI keywords in People also ask  section in google

Crafting your content around these keywords will definitely boost up the search engine visibility.

How do I use LSI keywords?

You can use these keywords anywhere you want.

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Content body
  • URL
  • Anchor text
  • Image alt text
usage of LSI keywords in content

But make sure it looks natural. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.

Eventually, you are writing your content for readers, not for search engines.


This was all about LSI keywords.

I know this is just one out of many SEO efforts you have to put in while writing your content. But if you are already incorporating 10 techniques so why not do one more?

Eventually, you are doing it for the betterment of your website and all the efforts will be worth it if you will start seeing the results.

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I hope this blog post answered all your queries related to this particular topic.

Till then goodbye 🙂

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