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Trek to kalsubai - the highest peak in Maharashtra

We all must have thought of climbing Mt. Everest, at least once in life. I even researched about it and talked to people who actually did climb it. But again, we have to accept, it is exceptionally hard and requires extensive time, preparation, resources, and perseverance. And there is a good deal of risk involved too.

If you are not ready or want to face all of that, disregard that Everest thing and explore plenty of other travel-worthy places.

Even the state of Maharashtra in India has its own Everest, they call it Kalsubai peak. It is located in the western ghats of India.

Kalsubai Peak

The peaks in western ghats are comparatively at lower altitudes than the Himalayas. But again as a keen traveler, you ought to explore everything. Apparently, the western ghats do have a couple of splendid treks and places to explore.

Talking about the Kalsubai peak, it is situated at an elevation of 1,646 meters (5400 ft.) which is also the highest point in the whole state of Maharashtra. To summit this point, you have to reach a village called Bari, which is around 150 km from Mumbai and 170 km from Pune.

While traveling to any place, if you are not comparing it with any of the past places you have explored or things you have done, you are bound to like it, even if others label it as substandard.

Having said that, the trek to Kalsubai was a great experience. The distance is almost 6km (one side), and it will not require any expertise in mountaineering to complete it. You Just need to be a little enthusiastic about it and bingo, after 3 hours, you will be at the peak.

And the best part is, this whole process, like traveling from Mumbai or Pune, trekking up and down, and traveling back, takes only a day, which is amazing because you are getting to summit a peak, in the duration of a picnic.

Kalsubai is an easy to moderate trek. The trail is well built. You will find plenty of people trekking along with you, which gives motivation in case you are feeling sluggish. There are iron stairs that have been built here and there to make the summit accessible easily.

Trek to Kalsubai

You don’t really need to carry anything ( unless trekking during the night) as there are a plethora of shops & restaurants you will find on the way. Anti-skid shoes are a must as the trail is quite slippery (especially during monsoon).

The temperature in western ghats doesn’t plummet the way it does in the Himalayas, so you don’t really need to carry a lot of winter clothes and accessories. If you are planning to ascend and descend the same day, even normal clothes will suffice.

The Bari village from where the trek will start has all basic amenities available and here you can savor authentic Marathi food too.

Overall, if you are not a hardcore mountaineer and always have a scarcity of time and resources but still love the surreality of mountain peaks and the astounding trails that take us there, trek to Kalsubai will be a great experience. You seemingly must give it a try.

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