What it takes to try and learn surfing in India.

The waves were adamant to make me fall and so was I to stand on the surfing board and ride with them flawlessly no matter what.

And who got defeated in the end, perhaps both or none.

Over the past few years, I have had tried plenty of adrenaline activities such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, kayaking, and mountaineering but surfing is something I personally always thought is too exotic to try in India until I traveled to a quintessential beach town called Varkala in the Indian state of Kerela.

Varkala, Kerela
Varkala, Kerela

And it’s not like, you go there just to try Surfing for once, click pictures, post on Instagram, and be done. But rather you actually can take proper Surfing lessons for weeks and months if your time and budget allow. Plenty of companies operate there. You can choose any one of them after going through some research and testimonies.

Just as any new activity you try to learn for the very first time and are likely to struggle, screw up, or failed miserably, surfing is no different.

On the first day, everyone in our group was excited immensely. It started with theory lessons, some stretchings, and body posture practices. Later, it was us, the boat, and the waves.

Surfing in India
Surfing and the people

When the initial euphoria dwindled, most of us were just trying to stay sane in the water, the boat having tied to our right leg. The waves were hitting really hard and forget about standing flawlessly, even catching on the waves seemed like a distant dream.

After falling and standing up again innumerable times, we were done for the day and it was time to go back to come back again the next day hoping that, everything we have learned today will be of some use tomorrow and all the mistakes we did, probably won’t be repeated.

I personally believe there is something splendid about tomorrow. No matter how miserable you feel? or how defeated you consider yourself today? the next day always brings a sense of optimism. A hope that all the miseries will transform into ecstasies and all the defeats will fuel the fire inside for the conquest.

The trainers were working hard to make us learn surfing and I was too reciprocating wholeheartedly. And after tumbling again for like ten times, finally, I was able to stand on the board and forge ahead with waves for considerable seconds, having my legs firm and still, knees bent, and hands doing poses similar to dabbing.

Learn how to surf in India
Falling, failing, and still smiling

That’s the thing about success, when you taste it, you want to repeat it over and over again. That is what I too tried that day. I was seemingly able to repeat that surfing moment a few times. I had my own share of Déjà vu.

Since I had enrolled only for the two days, it was time to bid adieu and finally depart from this magnificent small beach town called Varkala. And I was happy not because the place was not good. It was magnificent. But rather because we should not prolong something to an extent that we eventually stop being excited about it. I could have definitely enrolled for a few more days but perhaps even better, this yearning might compel me to visit this place and surf again.

Surfing in Kerela
Surfing in Kerela

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