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Tikona Fort Trek – A short trek with mesmerizing view near Mumbai and Pune

Pawna Lake view

When it comes to trekking, I always prefer and admire Himalaya because of the surreal beauty and breathtaking view it offers. But since I moved to Pune from Delhi now, visiting Himalaya very often is not quite feasible.

Tikona Fort top view

But we must focus on what we have right now rather than what we don’t, right? So keeping this in mind, I started searching for the treks near Pune and stumble upon this short but fulfilling trek called Tikona Fort. The distance of this trek from Pune is 60 km and from Mumbai, it is approx 120 km.

Distance from Pune

It is a very easy trek of 2.5 km. Anyone even if they don’t have any mountaineering experience can complete this trek.

Tikona Fort trail

The distance of this trek is short but the view you get from the top is no less than what you get after traveling for 500 km and trekking for 15 km in Himalaya. From the top, you will get to see 360-degree view of Pawna Lake.

Pawna Lake from the top

You can easily reach this place by bike or cab. If you are two people , rent a bike. And if you are more than two then book an Uber intercity or Ola outstation. Approx fare of the cab for both sides would be 2000 INR + 250 INR toll tax. Upon reaching the starting point of the trek, they will also charge you 50 INR parking charges.

On the way to Tikona Fort Trek

The road from Pune to Tikona fort is smooth. Lonavala ( one of the popular hill stations near Pune or Mumbai) is nearby so you will get to see scenery almost all the time.

Tikona Fort Trek Image 7

It will approximately take 1 hour to reach at the top. There is a maggie and lemonade point in between. Don’t forget to try as they will serve you delicious maggie and lemonade at super cheap price.

Maggie point on the trail

Please beware of monkeys while ascending and descending. They might snatch your phone or other belongings. The last part of the trek is quite difficult as well as dangerous. Stairs are almost vertical. You have to climb very slowly and carefully.

take blessings of Lord Hanuman

Once you reach the top, You will be dumbfounded with the beauty this trek offers. Spend some quality time there, click pictures and descend carefully as descending is always more dangerous than ascending.

Tikona Fort was my first trek in Maharashtra and trust me I am quite impressed with the view it offered. And the best part was I didn’t have to travel much for this blissful trek.

Tikona which means triangle

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