The uncertainty in traveling is what makes it fun and epic

Traveling indeed is a guilty-pleasure experience for many individuals. We want to explore the pristine and surreal places without facing any of the discomforts which come along with it.

This is why tour packages and itinerary traveling are immensely famous these days. Companies are raking in by offering these services. And it’s totally understandable, because, not everyone is up for the thrill and uncertainty, the majority rather wants to have a safer and ensured experience.

leh ladakh bike trip
leh ladakh bike trip

But when you travel this way, you sacrifice the real essence of traveling altogether. We should rather call it a holiday than traveling.

Because, this way, you follow a schedule which someone else has planned for you. The organizer has curated the places to visit and things to do, which they think would be good for you. And since you have not visited that place earlier and maybe didn’t even do the proper research, those places could be sub-standard and you might miss out on the epic ones.

I believe traveling is not something where you are running from one place to another entire day and counting how many places you have visited at the end of the day and eventually consoling yourself that you thoroughly explored the place.

uncertainty of traveling
Somewhere in Sahyadri hills

I believe traveling is more of an experience rather than sightseeing or following an itinerary. 

An experience, where you are not consumed in the same thought you usually do when you are not traveling. You might experience something as big as a mountain peak or as small as a cat crossing the road amidst a chaotic hill station that enthralls you like never before.

An experience where you get to know that, everyone you meet along the way is fighting a battle you know nothing about and dealing with problems of very high magnitude. It brings a sense of acceptance within you and makes you a little more empathetic.

An experience where every step brings challenges and every action brings wisdom. 

And the endorsable advantage of this way of traveling is, you don’t really need to splurge a lot on the trip. You can have a bare minimum budget and still, you can experience the things even the bigtime splurger don’t get to experience. 

Additionally, Planning out a trip on a very rigid schedule also brings impatience and compulsion. If your bus is leaving at 8 am and you could not wake up early because you were exhausted from the previous day’s outing. 

Wouldn’t you feel agitation? and wouldn’t it plunder the very purpose of spending a good and peaceful time, for which you had planned the trip in the first place?

But frankly and paradoxically, this way of traveling is certainly not for everyone. This is how I prefer to travel. Your preference might be some other way. And it’s completely okay. Because nothing is completely right or wrong. Everything has its pros and cons. So does the way of traveling the places.

The very fact that rather than accumulating stuff, you are stepping out of the comfort of your house with the intention of visiting a place you have never been before, doing the things you have never done before, itself is worthy of loud claps and whistles.

Secrets of traveling
Andaman & Nicobar Island

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